Lower Canyon of the Salt River

Lower Canyon – Horseshoe Bend to Hwy 288 Bridge

As you enter the Lower Canyon of the Salt River wildlife sightings and natural wonders are around every corner. Just after Cliff Hanger Rapid (class III) river right a Giant Saguaro cactus thought to be over 200 years old can be seen from the river. Further down river around Horseshoe Bend you will find a nice beach for lunch in the presence of a Crested Saguaro. The Crested Saguaro is a very rare cactus with only 800 known specimens in the state of Arizona. Keep you voice down as you pass through a “No Stop Zone” and you might be treated to an aerial display of our national symbol the Bald Eagle. This is one of four nesting sites of the Desert Bald Eagle found on the Salt River. Printer-friendly, souvenir-quality low-resolution or high-resolution versions of this map are great to bring along when visiting us.

Salt River map