Salt River Vehicle Shuttles

Shuttle Service for Private Upper Salt River Rafting

Licensed shuttle operator

Wilderness Aware office

Wilderness Aware is a licensed Salt River shuttle operator offering information for private kayakers and rafters planning an Upper Salt River Canyon non-commercial trip.

This form is for Hwy 60 Bridge to Hwy 288 Bridge shuttles only! If you would like to request a shuttle from Hwy 60 to Camp 2 or Hoodoos, you must call our office at 800.231.7238.

IMPORTANT: We HIGHLY recommend making a reservation for your shuttle. Office hours during the season are Monday – Friday, from 8am – 4pm (MST, Colorado). If your shuttle request is within the next 24 hours, please call instead of submitting this form. If your request is within the next 24 hours AND it is outside of our office hours, you will need to meet up with our Salt River Manager to set up your shuttle at our office near the Hwy 60 Bridge (no phones or email here, just show up between 7:30am – 11am or 3pm – 5:30pm AZ time).

If possible meet up with our operations manager at our office located in the parking area across from the private boater put-in area at the bottom of the Salt River Canyon. If NO manager is present to deliver your key to, we have two boxes attached to our office for private vehicle shuttles. One box contains liability forms and key tags; use one for each vehicle to be shuttled. The lock box is to drop off your keys (with competed key tag attached)

If you have more than one vehicle to be shuttled use the key tags, available on our office trailer, to identify your vehicle. Attach your keys and drop in the lock box on the office trailer. Leave one completed liability per vehicle on the driver seat of your vehicle. It is a good idea to leave a list of all vehicles in your party so we move the correct vehicles on the correct day.

You must fill out a vehicle shuttle liability release for EACH vehicle, and give it to our office manager or leave it in the vehicle. We will not run your shuttle without a completed liability form.

2020 SEASON – We will begin running shuttles in late February (depending on weather/water).

WARNING!! Private Boaters need a White Mountain Apache Tribe Permit BEFORE arriving at the put in! This MUST be done online – there is NO pay station at the put in! These can be pre-printed in advance, or you may show these permits to the Apache permit enforcers on your phone/tablet, so long as you have downloaded a copy in advance (there is no internet/service at the put-in).

Boaters need to purchase a $25/person “River Rafting – Private Daily” permit for EACH day they are on the Apache land (typically two days for multi-day trips).

If you are camping the night before you launch, you must also secure a $15/person “Special Use: Salt River Access Only” permit

You must create a log-in to buy a permit – please go here:


Permit Info: