3 Day Wilderness

Rafting Around River Bend

White Water Rafting in Arizona

Thrilling rapids, side canyon hikes & riverside camping!

This exciting three day rafting vacation travels 46 miles through the remote White Rock, Granite and Jumpoff Canyons in the Upper Canyon of the Salt River Wilderness. A true wilderness trip, we transport through time as we raft through some of the oldest exposed rocks in the world. With no shortage of exciting whitewater rapids like Corkscrew and Quartzite Falls in the Middle Canyon, we navigate our boats down staircase drops and through powerful rapids with plenty of adrenaline-inspiring thrills. Relaxing nights are spent on deserted desert beaches lined with towering saguaro cactus.

The Salt River is one of the most unique rivers in the country. Still to this day it is a wild and free flowing river located on the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau. The Salt River’s many canyons are chock full of a striking variety of plant, animal and bird life. Enjoy the chance to explore some of the Salt Rivers narrow side canyons leading to oasis-like habitats.

A great rafting adventure to share with family and friends. Join us for a 3 day journey through the Salt River Wilderness.

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Trip Details

Price: $644/person


Where to Meet: Salt River near Globe, AZDaily Launches: March 3 to May 6

Length: 3 Days, 42 miles

Difficulty: Beg./Intermediate, Class III-IV

Departure Time: 9:00 AM

Youth Age: 10 years and up

Please arrive at least 45-60 minutes prior to departure time. Price listed includes meals, transfers back to your vehicle, wetsuits, wetshoes and splash jackets when necessary. Price listed does not include tents, sleeping bags, ground pads, land and water access fees (9%) or Apache Permit Fee ($50/person). Click Here for Group Rates!

Complimentary Cool Weather Gear

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