5 Day Wilderness

Looking Down Canyon to Salt River Rafting

Explore Salt River Canyon for 5 days

A premier white water wilderness trip!

The Salt River 5 day trip is one of the premier whitewater wilderness trips in the West. With this trip you have the luxury of time to thoroughly explore the vast number of side canyons and follow creeks to their hidden pools through the Upper Canyon, Middle Canyon and Lower Canyon. Every day brings new challenging rapids to be conquered by your team and led by your expert guide. Embrace the transformation into “river time”, a state of mind only achieved on the river, allowing yourself to contemplate the diverse layers of rock or count the arms of a giant saguaro cactus. Spend evenings with family or friends playing games on secluded sandy beaches. In the morning enjoy the warmth of a hot cup of coffee as you watch the sunrise.

We float 51 miles at a relaxed pace designed to ensure that our guests truly escape the everyday within the Salt River Canyon. Each bend in the river brings thrilling rapids, evokes new curiosities about geology, or unveils stunning views of wildflower covered cliffs.

Treat yourself to this hidden treasure of the Southwest.

If you are looking for an isolated and truly scenic getaway but in fewer days, consider diving deeper into the spectacular Salt River Wilderness on our 2 Day Expedition, our 3 Day Wilderness, or our 4 Day Wilderness trips. These multi-day adventures also travel through remote canyons full of exciting whitewater and riverside beach campsites.


Trip Details

Price: $944/person


Where to Meet: Salt River near Globe, AZDaily Launches: March 3 to May 6

Length: 5 Days, 51 miles

Difficulty: Beg./Intermediate, Class III-IV

Departure Time: 9:00 AM

Youth Age: 10 years and up

Please arrive at least 45-60 minutes prior to departure time. Price listed includes meals, transfers back to your vehicle, wetsuits, wetshoes and splash jackets when necessary. Price listed does not include tents, sleeping bags, ground pads, land and water access fees (9%) or Apache Permit Fee ($50/person). Click Here for Group Rates!

Complimentary Cool Weather Gear

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